Concetta SIPIONE

Assistant Professor of Germanic philology [L-FIL-LET/15]

Dr. Concetta Sipione, born in Ragusa on January 19th, 1970, is from January 2nd, 2007 Research assistant (Ricercatore confermato) of Germanic Philology at the Languages Faculty, University of Catania. She is regular teacher for the classes of «Germanic Philology» and «History of the German Language» in the seats of Catania and Ragusa of the Faculty of Languages. She also cooperates with the chairs of German language and Literature of both seats of the Faculty. 
On November 20th, 1995 she graduated with honours in «German Language and Literature» at the Humanistic Faculty of Catania with a degree thesis in Germanic Philology on the topic: «Old German Magic Charms against Hemorrhages from the Manuscripts Membr. Argentor., Bamberg. Med. 6, Trev. 40, Vindob. Lat. 1705», (supervisor: Prof. U. Schwab). 
In 2000 she obtained the teacher’s diploma for Secondary School (English language and German language). 
On March 1st, 2002 she obtained a PhD. in Germanic and Nordic Philology at the University of Florence, Humanistic Faculty, Department for Middle Ages and Renaissance with a PhD thesis on the topic «The Virginal of the Dresdner Heldenbuch: a new Edition» (supervisors Prof. F. D. Raschellà and Prof. A. M. Guerrieri). 
From September 2001 to December 2003 she took the classes of German Language and translation - A1 Level in Ragusa as a teacher on annual contract. Besides the examination sessions of German language, Dr. Sipione cooperated intensively with the chair of Germanic Philology of the University of Catania, by joining the board of examiners, co-adiuvating the students in the research and the editing work of their theses, and joining the degree sessions both as a co-examiner and a supervisor. 
From January, 2nd 2004 she was engaged as Research assistant (Ricercatore non confermato) at the Languages Faculty, University of Catania. 
From January 2004 she was entrusted as responsible teacher with the History of the German Language (Catania) and of German Language and translation (Ragusa); at the same time she carried out the following seminars for the classes of Germanic Philology: «Re-using the heroic language in religious poetry: Christ as a hero in the Dream of the Rood», «Erudite and patristic elements in the Old High German and Old Saxon biblical epic: the paraphrase of Jesus’ Baptism in Otfrid’s Liber Evangeliorum and in the Heliand» (A. A. 2004-2005) «The problem of Verschriftung of the German vernacular in High Middle Ages», «The figure of Caedmon in Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum» (A. A. 2005-2006), «The Donauländischer Minnesang: early types of Middle High German courtly poetry» e «Fiction and deceptionin the Old English love elegies» (A. A.2006-07). She worked together with the chairs of German Language and Literature of both branches of the Languages Faculty to organize classes and seminars for postgraduated students (Laurea magistrale). 
From March 2007 onward she is responsible teacher for Germanic Philology, in Catania and in Ragusa. 
She took part to the local scientific project on the topic «The Velent legend in the Þiðreks saga and in Old English sources» (A. A. 2003, supervisor: Prof. A. Piccolini) and she has lead the following University scientific projects local «The Baptism of Christ in Old German biblical epic» (A. A. 2004—2005), «The Danubian Minnesang: early types of Middle High German courtly poetry» (A. A. 2006-07). 
She spent many periods abroad for research and study, at the University Heidelberg, German Department (with the PhD. scholarship, 1997-2000: July - August 1997, July - August 1998, March - July - 1999; August 2001), at the University of Wien, German Department (Winter Semester 1999-2000, with an additional scholarship from the Österreichischer Akademischer Austauschdienst), at the University of Heidelberg, Department for Latin Philology of the Middle Ages (August - September 2004, July - August 2005). 
Dr. Sipione took part in the following conventions: I Convegno interdisciplinare «España al revés» (Ragusa Ibla,4-5 aprile 2006) with the paper «Filius meus es tu: ego hodie genui te» Giovenco e Otfrid di Weißenburg interpreti ed esegeti della Vetus latina»; XXXIII Convegno dell’Associazione Italiana di Filologia Germanica «I Germani e la scrittura» (Pescara, 7-9 giugno 2006) with the paper «”Lingua enim haec velut agrestis habetur”: Otfrid di Weißenburg e i problemi della lingua theodisca». 
From 1997 she is member of the A.I.F.G (Associazione italiana di filologia germanica) and from May 2007 she is also member of the Oswald-von-Wolkenstein-Gesellschaft.

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