Pietro Maria MILITELLO

Full Professor of Aegean civilizations [L-FIL-LET/01]

I am a professor of archaeology, working at the University since 1993, first as a researcher, than as associate professor, finally (since 2016) as full professor. My specific focus of research is the prehistoric Aegean, and Crete in particular, prehistoric Sicily and public archaeology. On the field I am active in Greece, at Phaistos, and in Sicily, at Calaforno, Calicantone, Pantalica, Molona (together with the superintendency of Ragusa, Siracusa and Catania).

I was leader of many national and international projects aimed at research activities (Programs Interreg, Cost etc.), teaching activities (Cooperlink), and dissemination (program Tempus, etc.).

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Academic Year 2020/2021

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Research topics:1)  writing and archive systems in the II millennium b.C. Aegean; 2) palatial prestige productions (frescoes, seals), iconographical and iconological analysis; 3) craft production, especially bronze and textiles, and their economic and social organization; 4) Sicily in the Bronze and Iron age, and its relations with the Aegean. 5)  History of the archaeological research. 6) Public archaeology.


"Monuments of Poland" (Catania, 2009), 

"Archaeology's places and contemporary uses" (Exhbition within the Erasmus intensive Program of the IUAV University, Venice, held in Catania in 2009), 

On the footsteps of Chopin (Exhibition organised by profm J. Midziolech in Warsaw, held in Catania in 2010, in collaboration with the course of History of Music)

Magia d'Egitto(Magic of Egypt (Mostra Siracusa, 2014, in cooperazione con il Museo Archeologico P. Orsi, il Museo Etnografico di Lubiana, il Museo Pepoli di Trapani).


Minor archaeological sites in the Hyblean Area  (Database progetto KASA 2008)

Archaeological dictionary Italian-German (in progress, in collaboration with the Archaeologisches Grabungswoerterbuch ©Norbert Fischer, Doris Fischer).