Simona Agnese SCATTINA

Assistant Professor of Performing arts [L-ART/05]

Simona Scattina is researcher (RTDb) in Theatre Studies at the Department of Humanities of the University of Catania.

He deals with dramaturgy of the twentieth century (Emma Dante, Gabriele Vacis, Marco Paolini, Laura Curino, Marco Baliani) according to interdisciplinary research perspectives in the light of recent acquisitions of visual culture and performing studies.

He was awarded the National Scientific Qualification for the role of Second-rank Professor in concurrency sector 10/C1 Theatre, Music, Cinema, Television and Audiovisual Media.

In addition to essays for trade journals and in volume, he has published several monographs, the most recent of which include: Painted Stories. The Signs of the Puppet Brothers Naples (Algra, 2017), Non tutti vissero felici e contenti. Emma Dante between fairy tale and theater (Titivillus, 2019), Titina De Filippo. L'artefice magica (Cue Press, 2020). For Bonanno he directs the series Oltre il giardino and Tascabili - Teatro, for the latter he edited the volumes: Ballata per San Berillo e altri esercizi di prosa danzabile (2020) and Parole per corpi di donne (2023).

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She collaborates with the following periodicals: «Arabeschi. International journal of studies on literature and visuality» ( and Siculorum Gymnasium (

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Academic Year 2020/2021

Academic Year 2019/2020

Academic Year 2018/2019

Scientific responsible for the research unit of the PRIN 2022 PNRR project - Sector SH - Archives of "Floating Islands". Mapping Third Theatre in Puglia and Sicily - P.I. Francesco Ceraolo (University of Salento, Lecce).

Scientific responsible for the research project Mem.Art. Tra performing art e visual culture, per una mappatura digitale dei percorsi creativi. Incentive Plan for University Research 2020/2022 (Pia.ce.ri.). Line 3 Starting Grant, Department of Humanities, University of Catania (from 8/09/2022, ongoing).

Member of the research group of the PRIN 2017 Southern Line: Divagrafie. Per una mappatura delle attrici italiane che scrive || D.A.M.A (Drawing a Map of Italian Actresses in writing) - national coordinator L. Cardone, Catania unit coordinator M. Rizzarelli.

Principal Investigator of the research project TeaM. Teatri e Memoria Un Sistema di Conoscenza del patrimonio teatrale scomparso della città. Prometeo-line 3 financed in 2019 by the Department of Humanities of Catania on University funds.

Scientific head of the research project Performare la fiaba. Quando manca il lieto fine nel teatro di Emma Dante. Project Prometeo - Line 1, funded in 2019 by the Department of Humanities of Catania on University funds.