Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: ALBERTO GIOVANNI BIUSO

Expected Learning Outcomes

Understanding the history and structure of scientific methodologies and knowledge, in order to practice a critical comparison that enriches both the sciences and philosophy.

Course Structure

Frontal lessons, which will focus on reading and analyzing texts.

Attendance of Lessons

Attendance is not compulsory.

Detailed Course Content

After a general introduction to the status of Epistemology in the history of philosophy and in the present, the course will focus on a topic on the border between physics and metaphysics, showing the fruitfulness of reciprocal relationships in order to understand the structure of matter and time. In particular, the question of temporal irreversibility as it emerges in the thermodynamics of the Nobel prize for chemistry Ilya Prigogine will be addressed.

Textbook Information

-Roberta Corvi, Frontiere aperte. Verso un’epistemologia transdisciplinare, Scholé-Mocellliana 2023: Introduction and First Part (pp. 5-84); of Part II, chapter 10 and the Conclusion (pp. 176-199) (total pp. 102)

-Paul Feyerabend, Against Method. Outline of an Anarchistic Theory of Knowledge, Feltrinelli 2021 (chapter 18, pp. 240-252)

-Ilya Prigogine, La fine delle certezze. Il tempo, il caos e le leggi della natura, Bollati Boringhieri 2014, pp. 190

-Alberto G. Biuso, Temporalità e Differenza, Olschki 2013, pp. 115


Please remember that in compliance with art 171 L22.04.1941, n. 633 and its amendments, it is illegal to copy entire books or journals, only 15% of their content can be copied.

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All the books listed in the programs can be consulted in the Library.