Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: ALBERTO GIOVANNI BIUSO

Expected Learning Outcomes

Understand the genesis, structure and objectives of Artificial Intelligence in the variety of its manifestations, modalities and implementations. Critically analyze, beyond technophilias and technophobias, the contribution that the investigation of AI can offer to the study of biological intelligence, social systems, technological devices.

Course Structure

Frontal lessons, which will focus on reading and analyzing texts.

Attendance of Lessons

Attendance is not compulsory.

Detailed Course Content

After a general introduction to the themes of Artificial Intelligence, the course will address the issue of cybernetics and its developments in the theory and practice of the Metaverse, with specific critical attention to the theme of the presence of bodymind in spacetime.

Textbook Information

-Renato Betti, Intelligenza Artificiale, in «Enciclopedia Einaudi», vol. 7, Einaudi 1979, pp. 828-862

-Naief Yehya, Homo cyborg (Elèuthera 2017, pp. 187)

-Eugenio Mazzarella, Contro Metaverso. Salvare la presenza (Mimesis 2022, pp. 142)

-Alberto G. Biuso, Sul realismo, in L’invenzione della realtà. Scienza, mito e immaginario nel dialogo tra psiche e mondo oggettivo (ETS, Pisa 2022, pp. 125-135)


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