PhD Student - XXXVI Scienze per il Patrimonio e la Produzione Culturale - Tutor: Anna MIGNOSA

Paolino Trapani (1983) obtained a Master’s degree in Archaeology at the University of Catania in 2014 with a thesis entitled: La Sardegna nuragica: origine e funzione del nuraghe semplice. He subsequently collaborated in 2015 with the virtualization laboratory at Arcadia University Study abroad Sicily, then in 2016 with the CVAST laboratory of the University of South Florida and from 2017 to today is collaborator of Idex Lab at the University of South Florida with the role of associate researcher and coordinator for the operations in Sicily and Malta.

In recent years he has carried out various activities on commission, public and private, ranging from the organization of excavation campaigns to the digitization of cultural heritage.

His research interests are the prehistory of the Mediterranean basin, the study of ceramics, digital technologies for the recording of excavation data and the public dissemination of cultural heritage.


D. Tanasi , S. Hassam , K. Kingsland , P. Trapani , M. King and D. Calì, "Melite Civitas Romana in 3D: Virtualization Project of the Archaeological Park and Museum of the Domus Romana of Rabat, Malta", Open Archaeology, De Gruyter, 7:1, 2021, pp. 51-83.