Teaching of Philosophy

Academic Year 2022/2023 - Teacher: CORRADO GIARRATANA

Expected Learning Outcomes

The course aims to provide students with the critical foundations and the practical tools of the teaching of philosophical disciplines, in order to acquire the skills necessary to undertake training courses and to access to the teaching of Philosophy in the Italian secondary school.

In particular, the course aims to make students achieve the following specific learning objectives, according to the Dublin Descriptors:

1) Knowledge and insight

The students: are aware of the theoretical debate on the principles of philosophy teaching; know the main teaching and learning models of philosophical disciplines in their historical development; know the recent legislation concerning the teaching of philosophy in Italy; are aware of the teaching tools and educational methodologies useful for the development of didactic activities for the teaching of philosophy in the Italian secondary school.

2) Applying knowledge and insight

The students can plan a didactic activity (learning unit) of Philosophy that considers the theoretical reflection on the teaching of the discipline and that uses the most appropriate methodologies and teaching tools.

3) Judgment

The students can recognize, among different theoretical and practical options, the most suitable one in order to plan a philosophical teaching activity.

4) Communication

The students can present to the class the basic elements of a teaching activity, clearly exposing the theoretical principles underlying it, as well as the methods of carrying it out in a hypothetical class of a secondary school; they can use of a disciplinary lexicon appropriate to the context.

5) Learning skills

The students can use the theoretical principles of the discipline to critically reflect on their own learning and training process, recognizing their progress and limitations within it.

Course Structure

Lectures and active learning.

Required Prerequisites

Detailed Course Content

The teaching of philosophy in the Italian secondary school: its historical development and theoretical foundations.

Teaching philosophy: methodologies and tools.

Planning teaching and learning activities in philosophy.

Textbook Information

- M. De Pasquale, I fondamenti teorici della didattica della filosofia, Bologna, Diogene Multimedia, 2016, pp. 300.

- A. Caputo, Manuale di didattica della filosofia, Roma, Armando Editore, 2019, pp. 24-190 e 427-450 (versione cartacea o ebook).

- MIUR, Orientamenti per l’apprendimento della Filosofia nella società della conoscenza, 2017



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