Daniele Francesco SANTAMARIA

Assistant Professor of Informatics [INF/01]

Daniele Francesco Santamaria is Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Catania.

He held a post-doctoral position for four years at the University of Catania, three years at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and one year at the Department of Human Sciences. He also held  the position of contract professor for four years, and of research scholarship for one year at the University of Catania. Moreover, he worked as an IT consultant for some small enterprises.  

Daniele obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2019 with a work on a framework based on Computable Set Theory for reasoning with Semantic Web ontologies, focusing both on the theoretical aspects, including the engineering of the calculus and the related algorithms, and on the practical aspects, including knowledge base representation, reasoning, and management and software development.  He also engineered and developed several computational ontologies for many knowledge domains, ranging from human and social sciences, including architecture and archaeology, to blockchain, cybersecurity, video games, and the theory of agents. Daniele publishes in many international journals and conferences and is involved in editorial activities with different roles such as reviewer, program committee member, and organizer. At the time of writing, he co-authored more than thirty works among workshop papers and journal articles. He holds a certification for Nvidia Cuda programming, IBM Mainframe, and Computer Forensics.

During his career, Daniele joined an international project called POC4COMMERCE, in the ambit of the ONTOCHAIN initiative, founded by the Next Generation of Internet (NGI) consortium and dedicated to the development of a novel software ecosystem for trusted, traceable, and transparent ontological knowledge for blockchain-oriented e-commerce. He also joined the PECS - Privacy Enrooted Car Systems, funded by NGI in the ambit of the Trustchain initiative, and dedicated to securing personal data within the modern car ecosystem. Daniele is also involved in an Italian national project Progetti di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale (PRIN) dedicated to ontological approaches in archaeology and called GODSCAPES.

Daniele's research interest includes not only all the theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge engineering and management, in particular in the ambit of Semantic Web ontologies, but also computational logic, algorithm engineering, and theory and practice of blockchain technologies.

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Academic Year 2021/2022

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