John Justin RIZZO


LM 38 Online Ricevimento for Prof. Rizzo

Dear students,

In preparation for the Anglo-American Written Exam on September 13, I will be available for online correction of essays.  Please send any practice essays you write to:  Also, I will be at the facolta next week in stanza 131 for in-person consultation.  I will post the exact dates by the end of this week.


LM 38 :Ricevimento per Prof. Rizzo

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I am not able to do ricevimento tomorrow (Friday) the 24th or Monday the 27th.  I WILL be in on Tuesday the 28th.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


LM 38 :Ricevimento per Prof. Rizzo

Domani il 22 giugno non posso venire al ricevimento.  

LM 38 : UPDATE:Ricevimento per Prof. Rizzo

Hello all,

As opposed to what I originally posted, I will NOT be in for ricevimento on Thursday June 9th.  I WILL be in on Friday the 10th as scheduled, AND will ADD 2 days (TUESDAY the 14th and WEDNESDAY the 15th) to next week in addition to the dates already scheduled. 

Therefore my NEW ricevimento is:

JUNE 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28 

The times are from 9-11 in stanza 131 for all dates.

LM 38 Final Exam Listening Practice: Links to Podcasts

Use these links to practice for the listeniing section of the Final Exam on the 29th.   They are links to podcasts that come from specific TV and programs in the US.

Also, use this TOEFL-based exercise for more specific listening practice.  Be sure to answer the questions that follow the listening:

LM38 Anglo-American Writing/PR: Friday's Simulation Confirmed

Hi all,  This Friday (May 27th) we WILL have a simulation from 8 to 12 in aula 9.  Bring a monolingual dictionary, paper (enough for brainstorming, organizing and writing) and a pen (of course!)   See you then.


LM38 Anglo-American Writing/Public Relations: Additional Course Materials for Non-Attending Students

Here is a link on the 4 models of Public Relations.  Read it and think about the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

LM38 Anglo-American Writing: Argumentative Essay Model for Non-Attending Students

Here is a link containing an argumentive essay model:

LM38 Course Assignments/ Written Essay Topics for Non-Attending Students

Ecco i temi per il corso LM38.  Possono essere inviati a: 


Many people feel that subjects like math, science, and computer technology are more important than those dealing with arts or literature.  Write an essay in which you give your opinion on the following question:  Are math and science-based courses more valuable today than humanities-based courses?


Most of what we write today is in the form of a brief message; social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and even text messaging have had an impact on the written word.  Write


LM 38 Anglo-American Writing and Public Relations; Prof. J. Rizzo: Thursday's Class

Students of my LM 38 class (Anglo-American Writing and Public Relations):  I found out about the room and on both Thursday and Friday from 10 to 12 AULA 9 is available.  Therefore, we WILL have lessons this Thursday and Friday in aula 9 from 10-12 as usual.  See you Thursday!  Prof. Justin Rizzo

Prof. Rizzo LM38 Reminder

Students of my LM38 remember to purchase the DISPENSA from the photocopy center in front of the main entrance.  There are 2 sets of copies.  Please have them both for tomorrow's lesson.