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Associate Professor of Musicology and history of music [L-ART/07]

Maria (Rosa) De Luca is Associate Professor in Musicology and History of Music (ssd L-ART/07) in the Department of Humanistic Sciences at University of Catania, she also lectures in History of Music (L10-3-year graduate courses in Arts and in Communication Science) and History and Historiography of Music (2-years post-graduate course in Arts and Multimedia Communication). Her research activity involves, above all: the History of Music declined through a perspective of social history; the Historical Soundscape Studies; Music Education and Didactics of History of Music. On these subjects, she has coordinated three Research Projects funded by the University of Catania: Musica e ritualità barocca nello scenario urbano della Sicilia settecentesca (Baroque music and rituals in the urban setting of 18th century Sicily) (2006), La musica a Catania nel ‘700 fra collezioni e consumi culturali (Music in Catania in the 1700s among collections and cultural fruition) (2007), La trasposizione didattica del sapere storico-musicale: concetti fondamentali e processo conoscitivo (The didactics of historical-musical knowledges: main concepts and cognitive process) (2008). She is actually Scientific Coordinator for University of Catania of Project “Il Museo virtuale della musica – BellinInRete” (Fondo Sviluppo e Coesione della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri/FESR Fondo Europero per lo Sviluppo Regionale 2014-2020/Patto per Catania) and of Project “OPHeLiA-Organizing Photo Heritage in Literature and Arts  (PROMETEO PROGRAM of University of Catania). She is also Scientific Coordinator of Research Unity of University of Catania of the PRIN 2017 (La formazione del pubblico musicale in Italia dal Novecento a oggi). Since 2012 she is a member of IMS (International Musicological Society) Study Group on Transmission of Knowledge as Primary Aim in Music Education and of IMS (International Musicological Society) Study Group on Mediterranean Music Studies. Since 2007 to today she has been part of the Ph.D. research team in Cultural Heritages (previously Ph.D. in History of Culture and of the Territory in the modern era) at the University of Catania. From 2006 to 2009 she has been a tutor in the Cataloguing Laboratory of Musical Heritage in the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy (graduate course in Science of Cultural Heritage). She is actually President of 2-years post-graduate Course in Arts and Multimedia Communication (2016-2020). She has been a member of Department of Humanities Council (2012-2014) and of Disciplinary College of University of Catania (2011-2015). She is a member of the Editorial Board of «Musica Docta», an online journal of Pedagogy and Didactics of Music, and she is on the Executive Board of «Bollettino di studi belliniani». Since 2011 is Director of the Bellini Foundation, member of the Scientific Committee of the Documentation Centre for Studies on Vincenzo Bellini (CDSB), that she directed from 2008 to 2011. Since November 2008 to 2013 she has represented Italian researchers in Musicology in the Executive board of the Association of University Lecturers in Musicology (ADUIM), from 2009 up to 2013.

She is actually Deputy of Rector of University of Catania for Third Mission.

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