PhD Student
PhD in - XXXVII cycle

The aim of this research proposal is to create a digital edition of the poem of Roncesvalles o El verdadero sucesso de la famosa batalla de Roncesvalles, con la muerte de los doze pares de Francia (1555) written by Garrido de Villena, Spanish poet and translator of Matteo Maria Boiardo’s Orlando innamorato. The choice of this text responds to the necessity to give visibility to those works considered by the predominant critical view as “minor” or “secondary”.

On the basis of the above area of inquiry, this work will make extensive use of an innovative online platform for digitisation, text recognition, and transcription (TRANSKRIBUS). Moreover, during the six months internship at DueTreDue Edizioni, a digital visualisation model of the edition will be created in collaboration with the same publishing house. This resulting model can be used as a paradigm for a corpus of Spanish epic poems in ottava rima.

Finally, this work won't omit to investigate the connection between the text and the Italian tradition and to use digital medium for didactic purposes, such as the creation of an index of motifs and words related to the genre.