Salvatore MARANO

Associate Professor of Anglo-American languages and literatures [L-LIN/11]

They say he loves Barthes par Roland Barthes, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, The Autobiography of My Mother. A tendency towards the potential, in the oulipean sense, but also in the manner of Musil or Zelig, has been attributed to him. He would live in a pentagrammed room, with a 64-tile floor and walls crammed with prints, canvases and assemblages, an Alexandrian library and a case full of radios. He maintains to have crossed the ocean to attend East Coast libraries (Yale? Duke? NYU?). Some claim to have seen him in the sancta sanctorum of research in Ontario, others in prestigious European institutions in Paris London and Salzburg. Teaching is supposed to be his passion; he would be less passionate about the way politics, multinationals, financial capital, bureaucracy, the alignment of the planets and high tide get in the way. Rumors have it that he is demanding, he disagrees. He likes, he would have admitted in front of an Irish whiskey: the courage of the desperate, silence and meditation, felines, essential loneliness, the blue painted by blues. He does not like: injustice, violence, conformity, easy answers to difficult problems, betrayed trust, hypocrisy, the routine. A notebook that bears his name, found at Palazzo Sangiuliano, reads: "All the information I have about myself is from forged documents".

It is wrapped into mist. Some say he is a composer and guitar player in a band with no tracks on record, some an Italian chess champion, some an underground poet, some an editorial consultant and some even a self-publisher. A shadow-writer profile is also suspected when he lived under a false name between London and Baltimore. He boasts to have befriended artists and writers to whom he would have extracted unpublished interviews. His research may have begun at the end of the 1980s, his past as an art and film critic. Why he relies on pen and inkstand is a mystery, since (his words) he prefers round tables to conference proceedings. He argues he deals with literature because the only truth he knows would lurk in fiction.

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He would work on la littérature potentielle & writing under constraint, on art and play, the technologies of writing, the interrelations between literature and other arts — especially, the visual arts —, literature and space (from page to urban space), performance.  He would be a contributor to the RSA Journal, Italian Americana, Letterature d'America. He would have written, among others, on W. Abish, M. Atwood, D. Barnes, W. Burroughs, E.E. Cummings, H. Crane, W. Faulkner, A. Lowell, M. Loy, H. Mathews, B. Nichol, G. Perec, G. Stein, W. Stevens, Mark Twain. It seems he has translated A. Burgess, R. Kipling, B. Harte. Rumors have it that he may have published with Aracne, Biblioteca del Vascello, Bonanno, Bulzoni, ESI, Marsilio, Olskhi, Quattroventi.

Nothing is known about the alleged voluntary activities attributed to him.