Contemporary film culture

Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: SIMONA BUSNI

Expected Learning Outcomes

The course will provide a set of analyses and theoretical reflections about the main tendencies of contemporary cinema, focusing on the debate about the biographical and that about the transmedia narrative.

1) Knowledge and understanding
Students attending the course will be able to distinguish among the different forms (images and issues) of contemporary cinema.
2) Ability to apply knowledge and understanding
They will be able to recognize and interpret different typologies of texts in the contemporary landscape.   
3) Autonomy of judgment
They will develop the ability to read critical objects, by making inter-textual and inter-contextual comparisons. 
4) Communication skills
They will be able to use the specialized lexicon, proper of the studies in this area.
5) Learning skill 

They will be able to orient themselves among the bibliographic sources and to integrate concepts learned in class both with autonomous studying and with their own experiences as spectators.  

Course Structure

Lectures with audiovisual support.

Attendance of Lessons

Attendance is not compulsory.

Detailed Course Content

The course is divided into three modules. The first one (A) is dedicated to a general recognition on the main tendencies about, above all, European and Anglo-American contexts, in order to map the territory of the new forms and codes emerged in the last decades.

The second module and the third one (B and C) aim to study two relevant topics in depth: the undeniable acknowledgement of the “biopic” tendency as new genre (B) and the transmedia declination of the cinematic adaptations (C). 

Textbook Information

Module A – The images of the new millennium (4 CFU)


Il cinema del nuovo millennio. Geografie, forme, autori, a cura di A. Cervini, Carocci, Roma 2020, pp. 356.


Module B – The biographical (1 CFU)

Texts :

G. Tagliani, La vita e l’azione. Sul carattere moderno del biografico italiano, in Fata Morgana n. 46 (2022), pp. 55-69;

S. Busni, I due corpi della regina : donna, corona (e diva), in Fata Morgana n. 49 (2023).


Module CThe adaptations (1 CFU)


Cinema, letteratura, intermedialità, a cura di G. Carluccio, A. Masecchia, S. Rimini, Carocci, Roma 2023.


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