Carminella SIPALA

Associate Professor of French literature [L-LIN/03]
Office: Stanza 308 (non in uso)
Phone: 0957102592 (non attivo)
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Carminella Sipala is Associate professor at the Catania University. She teaches French Literature in the Humanities Department. Her research interests focus on XIX century  French literature (Naturalism, Zola, Paul Verlaine and especially on the fin-de-siècle and its authors). She has paid special attention to the relations between literature and visual arts, (Piranesi and Gustave Doré, Burne-Jones and Gustave Moreau) by retracing the history of illustrations and analysing the cohabitation of lisible and visible on the journalistic and literary page, and the use of the ekphrasis in fin-de-siècle literature. Lately, she turned to the research of inter-semiotic translations, multimedia exchanges (cinema, photography, comics) and to the comparative dimension of literature.

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