Researcher of Medieval history [M-STO/01]
Office: 223
Phone: 0957102360
Office Hours: Tuesday from 10:30 to 13:30 | Friday from 10:30 to 13:30 SI INFORMANO GLI STUDENTI E GLI INTERESSATI CHE A PARTIRE DA GIUGNO 2018 L’ORARIO DI RICEVIMENTO SARA' VENERDI' 10:30 -13:30

Marco Leonardi (Catania 1977) is a Researcher with a vocation for historical studies besides being a historyes Resercher by profession. He has been interested in Medieval History since he attended the primary school and considers Medieval History as a real laboratory always open to all the aspects of social, political and economic life. In a nutshell Historia magistra vitae: since V-XVI century have been laid the foundations of what we are now. The study of knowledge of Medieval History could be for each of us an antidote to the loss of the memory of our historical roots. The Medievalist Marco Leonardi invites his students to set out an a "long journey through the Middle Ages" togheter. It will never ceased to surprise and charm forits richness of contents and idealism belonging to this historical period.

Academic Year  

History of Mendicant Orders in the late Midde Ages (XIII-XVI century).

Use and reception of water resources in the European territory in the late medieval time (XIII-XVI century).

Study of the political, religious, social and econom relation between the German area and the Italian one (XIII-XVI century).




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