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Elizabeth Simpson
Orario di ricevimento: Mercoledì dalle 11:00 alle 12:00 Stanza 131 | Giovedì dalle 12:00 alle 13:00 Stanza 131 | Venerdì dalle 10:00 alle 11:00 Stanza 131

Extra English tutorato for 1E, 2D and 2B lettorato groups docente: Simpson
For the above lettorato groups there are additional hours of tutorato on Wednesday 15th May (2nd year) 08:30-10:30 and Thursday 16th May,12 - 2:00pm (1st year/2nd year) in room 131 or 132. Thankyou
1E and 2D English lettorato, docente Simpson. Lesson on 14th May
Students should take note that Monday's lesson is cancelled. I'd appreciate it if a representative from the two groups could let me know via email a time when we can make up the lesson on one of the following days: 15th, 17th or 18th May. Thankyou
2D English lettorato homework 9/05/18
For students of the above lettorato group: Please do pages 50,51,54,55,56 and 57 from the Cambridge first masterclass workbook.
1E English lettorato First year. Docente: Simpson
Please bring the photocopies for 'Davies I anno' so we can do exam practice in Monday's lesson (16/04/18).
2D and 2B composition titles (English lettorato 2nd year)
The composition titles set today have changed and are as follows: 1) Write a story ending with the words 'I was so glad I'd brought my mobile phone with me.'(250 words) 2) Could you imagine living without technology for a month? Do you think your life would be better or worse? Explain why and give examples LEGGI TUTTO
2E/ 2B English lettorato composition titles
Here are the composition titles from the last few lessons: 1) Write a story ending with words 'In the end I realized it had all been a dream'. (250 words) 2) Write an email giving advice to somebody visiting your country at this time of year. What kind of weather will they find? What should they bring LEGGI TUTTO
1E English lettorato 19/03/18
Apologies to students for today's lesson but due to unexpected circumstances it has been cancelled. Apologies again. Wednesday's lesson will take place as usual.
1E English lettorato 19/03/18
Important notice for today's lesson Today's lesson will start later at 14:30. Apologies for the late warning. Elizabeth Simpson
1C English lettorato 16/01/18

Students of the above lettorato group are asked to bring the FCE masterclass books for tomorrow's lesson

composition title English lettorato 2D week 15/01/2018

1)Write about a time you had to make an important decision (250 words)

2)If you were a super hero, what super hero powers would you like to have and why? How would you use them? (250 words)

2D English lettorato composition title (docente Simpson)
Please write a story(250 words) ending with these words: 'In the end it was the best Christmas I have ever had.'
1C lettorato group
19th Dec. Dottoressa Simpson is late due to car problems.
2D English lettorato composition
Students should write a 200 word composition about somebody they admire. This person can be somebody they know or a celebrity. Vocabulary and examples online are IELTS a famous person I would like to meet, someone I admire (learnenglishteens.britishcouncil) and 23 positive adjectives to describe people LEGGI TUTTO
composition titles 2D (Second year English lettorato)

These are the titles which were assigned for compositions over the past two weeks:

1) Write an informal e-mail of advice to a friend who suffers from a compulsive shopping disorder. Consider the implications for the friend's financial situation, family, other relationships and their heath.


Avviso for English lettorato groups(2D, 1E, 1C), Docente Simpson

Students from lettorato groups 1C, 1E, and 2D should take note that any messages regarding lessons, compositions etc will be through Studium. Thank you

2D lettorato di Lingua inglese docente: Simpson
The composition title for this week is to write about a time somebody let you down (200 words). In addition, please do the exercises in the student's book on page 25. Thanks!
1E English lettorato group textbook
Students of the above lettorato group will be using Headway Upper Intermediate (fourth edition) Oxford University press. Thank you
2D lettorato di Lingua inglese docente: Simpson
Composition title 31/20/2017 Write a story (200 words) beginning with these words: I was about to set off on a trip of a lifetime ... In addition: workbook pages 11,12 and 13 See you next week.
Composition title 2D lettorato
Composition title for 2D. Write a story about mistaken identity. (150-200 words). Hand in for Wednesday's lesson. Thanks!
2D lettorato inglese docente Elizabeth Simpson
Homework for 18/10/17
2D composition title 11/10/17 (second year English lettorato)

For the attention of 2D students.

The title for your compoisition is as follows:

Write an informal e-mail with information about yourself, where you are from, your interests, your family, your studies and your plans for this year. (150-200 words)

Please write your compositions on A4 paper or

Gruppo di lettorato di lingua inglese 2 anno 2i L20 Docente Dott.ssa Simpson
Students of the above lettorato group (2I L20) please take note of the following changes to lesson times and rooms. Monday: 12:00-14:00 A4 Friday: 12:00-14:00 A4 Thankyou
Gruppi di letterato lingua inglese 1 e 2 anno (1C,2E e 2L20) Docente Dott.ssa Simpson
These are the lesson times and rooms for the above lettorato groups. Please note the changes for 2L20 (2I). 1C. Mondays 14:00 -16:00 - A7 Wednesdays 14:00-16:00 -A4 2E. Mondays 16:00-18:00 - A9 Wednesdays 16:00-18:00 - A8 2L20.(2I) Mondays 18:00-20:00 - A6 Wednesdays 18:00 - 20:00 - LEGGI TUTTO