information for groups 1D, 1J and 2C - Mrs. Davies

Unfortunately we have no face-to face lessons at the moment, so I would like you to use this time to prepare work for the written and oral exams. 

All students will have to present a "project" or specific topic for the oral exams, which must be connected with British life  in some way - history, tourism, media, music, politics etc. Please think of a topic you are interested in and send me your suggestions for approval before you start writing.


ask for my go-ahead;

no more than 500 words, which must be your OWN words and not copied and pasted from websites;

you can send me your work online if you manage to complete it before the start of lessons, or hand in your work during the first lesson. 

It is easier for me to correct printed and not hand-writte material.

For other information regarding homework, please read the notices on my personal page regularly.

Thank you. Hope to see you soon!!


Data di pubblicazione: 09/03/2020

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