Homework for English Lettorato groups 1D, 1I and 2G.

1D: Write about the experience of being a university student. Compare and contrast your years at school with your first semester at university.

Please send me your work via email (adavies@unict.it) before 31st January.

Revise all the verb tenses, verb patterns and other grammar structures studied in class, using the explanations at the back of the textbook and your workbook. You can also practise using interactive exercises on Google. 

1I: Do the exercises in your workbook for units 1,2, 4, 5, 6 and 9, concentrating on the work done in class,  especially the verb tenses. You can also practise using online interactive exercises.

2G: Compositions to be sent to me via email. 250 words in one hour. Use paragraphs!

1. Write about an embarrassing experience you once had. Say what happened,  how you felt and how you solved the problem. (to be sent to me by 31st January)

2. Write a story BEGINNING with the following words:

The other day I bumped into an old schoolfriend of mine. We started chatting, but I soon realised we had very little in common. (to be sent by 15th February)


Data di pubblicazione: 19/01/2019

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