Grammar Reference Books

Here are some grammar reference books for those interested in further/self-study.

I suggest you look through any you might be interested in before you buy to make sure they contain useful information for you personally, and make sure there is a key to the exercises!

'English Grammar Practice for Italian students' by Michael Vince (who is a prolific writer of grammar ref books) and Lelio Pallini, published by Macmillan Heinemann. Gramatically it starts at the very beginning and goes up to B2 level. It's nice for Italian students, as the name suggests, as gives explanations/examples/translations/comparisons etc in Italian.

'Inside Gramar' also by M Vince is also a decent book, again written with Italian students in mind, like EGP above. There are separate sections for the higher B2 level it goes up to. Published by Macmillan.

'Get Inside', once again by Vince and 3 Italian writers, is not a book I personally have used very much, but not for any reason other than the fact that I already have so many other books! I do know that some colleagues at the uni use it. It goes from A1 to B2+ and is also written for Italian students of English, like the previous two books I have listed. Again published by Macmillan.

If you are looking for a higher level than B2, then 'Advanced Language Practice' by our friend M Vince again. Published also by Macmillan.

Finally 'Oxford Pratice Grammar' Advanced is, as the name suggests, for Advanced students. Written by George Yule and published by Oxford.


Data di pubblicazione: 19/03/2018

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