Composition titles for groups 1D, 1J and 2C

Here are 2 composition titles for all groups.  The first year students must write 150 words and second year students 250. 

Please send your work in Word format and as the object you must write your group and name, and title e.g. 1D Gianni Rapisarda Film review.

Please respect the deadlines. Your work will not be marked after this date. Please print out your corrected composition and keep it in your portfolio.

Deadline 19th January

1. What are New Year''s Resolutions? Have you ever made any? If so, do you usually stick to them?  If not, why not?

2. Deadline 3rd February

Choose a film or book you have seen or read recently and write about it, saying why you chose it,  what you thought of it and why.

Other titles will be added at a later date.

Grammar revision - please revise all the Grammar we did in the first semester and do the exercises in the workbooks or use interactive exercises on Google.



Data di pubblicazione: 07/01/2020

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